Sportswear, but not too much

Sportswear is one of the main trends for this Spring, and it is getting out of the sport grounds to the city.

Our tips to adopt the trend without overdoing it.

  • Try flashy colours, without looking like a traffic light. Avoid the total look, and choose only one flashy item, with a more classical one, and more neutral colours such as grey, dark blue, black, brown or white.

Our choice : Indy Rugby Polo

  • Elastic waist pants are back, but they now almost look like business pants. Do not hesitate to wear technical fabrics made for sports, with luxurious fabrics such as leather bags or suede shoes !

Our choice : Cobalt trousers

  • High-top sneakers are also highly fashionable.

Our choice : Low ankle shoes

  • Superpositions are trendy : good news, because the sportswear trend works good with them. Take your hooded jacket out of your closet !

Our choice : Long sleeves jersey cardigan

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