Liberty print is back

First popularized by the english brand Liberty, which has given its name to this floral print, Liberty print used to be very fashionable in the end of the sixties. 2010 is the year of its comeback, coinciding with this spring vintage trend.

Plus, this thin coton fabric is perfect for spring’s mild temperatures.
Liberty print is not only for women ! Our tips to add a little touch of originality to your look, without the risk of committing a fashion mistake.

•    A golden rule when you are wearing prints is : never, ever mix two patterns ! Wear your Liberty prints with plain clothes.
•    Avoid the total look, for instance floral shorts with your Liberty shirt. Wear it with jeans instead !
•    Liberty prints also can lighten a classic style up by turning up your legs if you wear Liberty print lined bermuda shorts.

Our choice :

    1. Grey Liberty print shirt
    2. Pink Liberty shirt
    3. Regular Bermuda shorts with floral print lining at bottom of leg

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