Tips : fashion’s do and don’t

Our check-list to avoid committing fashion mistakes, whatever the trend is !

Do :

- If you are wearing pleat front trousers, tuck your shirt into them
- With a tucked shirt, use a belt !
- Have your belt matching with the tip of your shoes
- Think about your morphology when you are choosing the colours you are wearing : dark colours (brown, navy blue, dark grey…) make the body look thiner.
- Horizontal stripes and big patterns make the body look larger, while you should forget about vertical stripes if you are rather tall and slim.

Don’t :

- Superpositions are OK. But not if you look like an astronaut. Do not overdo it.

- Prints from head to toes

- Some fabrics hardly match together, for instance velvet and silk.
- Button the last button of your jacket

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