About buttons and balls

For us, contemporary rugby means finding the true spirit of rugby through subtle details.

Even in the buttons of your Serge Blanco clothes : shirts, polos, parkas

You may have noticed they have 6 holes…  But did you know why ?

Take an innocent rugby ball. Watch it carefully. Did you find ?

You got it : the 6 holes on our buttons are a reference to the holes for the lacing on a rugby ball ! OK, we noticed there was 12 holes indeed. But you will certainly admit that it is not easy to make 12 holes in a tiny button !

Rugby also lets its print in our brand’s logo. The three striped polos symbolize the three  rugbymen standing in front-line.

And did you know that the first Serge Blanco polos could weigh one kilo ? Today, following the evolution of fashion, the jersey our polos are made of is way lighter, but our polos did not lose quality nor did they stop conveying the spirit of rugby… With comfort and a trendy look as a bonus !

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