Honey, today I’m the cook

Dominique Ochin is the chef of the thalassatherapy Serge Blanco, on the French Basque Coast, in Hendaye.

Today, he suggests us a very light recipe, perfect to impress your lover for a dinner… to celebrate the beginning of Summer and the return (finally !) of a nice weather.

Stuffed zucchini flower, vinaigrette with subtle tomato aroma

2 servings :

6 zucchini flowers (200 g)
20 g mushroom cubes
20 g onion cubes
20 g leek cubes
20 g de celery cubes
20 g zucchinis
20 g carots
10 coriander leaves
Chervil leaves
2 tablespoons tomato juice
1 lemon juice
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt, Espelette pepper

    1. Sweat the vegetables with a teaspoon olive oil so that they remain crunchy : the onions first, then after one minute the leeks. After another minute, add the mushroom for one minute.
    2. Season and add the crushed leaves of coriander.
    3. Take the carots, the celery and the zucchinis. Make balls with a spoon. Cook them in boiling salted water : first the celery, then the carots after 2 minutes, the zucchinis after one minute. Cook 2 more minutes and refresh.
    4. Make the vinaigrette with tomato juice, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and Espelette pepper.
    5. Stuff the zucchinis with the vegetables and let them steam for 90 seconds.
    6. Cut the zucchini flowers in 3 parts.
    7. Put them harmoniously in a big plate, pour vinaigrette around them and decorate with chervil.

    Enjoy your meal !

    You can find other recipes and dream photos on the Thalasso Serge Blanco Facebook page. Note that the thalassatherapy Serge Blanco offers special treatments for men !

    And if you try the recipe, please let us know what you think about it !

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