Into the the backstages of Serge Blanco !

Serge Blanco Showroon

Exclusive: some pictures of our showroom! The place where you can find all the new collection of Serge Blanco. Open the eye, you should find some clues to find  the future direction of the spring-summer collection 2011!

It’s in the showroom that the responsible for franchise shops Serge Blanco and multibrand stores (where the clothes are sold Serge Blanco), come to discover the new collections and choose the pieces they will sell in to theirs stores next year.

Every season the decor changes, in agreement with the colors of the future collection and the catalog shooting

So, can you guess the theme for spring / summer 2011? …

Serge Blanco Showroom

Serge Blanco Showroom

Serge Blanco Showroom

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