Shopping Serge Blanco : what should i wear today?

It has happened to everyone. To walk down a street, while window-shopping, to retrace your steps

to take a second look at this shirt which winked at you moments earlier, to end up 2 minutes and 30

seconds later in the fitting room and then, the dream fades, you realize it does not fit you at all!

This is why I have decided to write this article. So that you never will have to go through this frustration

again and in order for you to know at first sight if the fit, the fabric or the color of a piece of clothing is

made for you.

  • For tall lean men, here are a few pieces of advice.

We love a well fitted top with loose pants. Slim cuts would accentuate the leanness of your

shape. But keep in mind that if the top is tight, pants have to be more loose… and on the contrary, you

should pair skinny pants with a sweater or a cable-knit vest… therefore you must play with proportions!

Coats with a knee-high hemline are made for you, so do not hesitate!

Your lean silhouette must be accessorized with a scarf or a headscarf.

Garment washed tartan shirt

Antic vintage denim


  • For short lean men,

We love a short jacket (no longer than your waistline) with semi-slim pants.

Avoid at all costs long coats!

Nylon perfecto jacket

Army vintage Pants

Twisted yarn wool cardigan

Streach slim trousers

Leather sneakers

  • Tall and muscular men will have to play with this manly figure.

Knits, turtlenecks sweaters and straight cuts are made for you! Be playful with your manliness, dare

putting on round-toe boots and leather jackets.

Choose soft colors and thick fabrics.

Irish spray jersey

Crinkled stitch scarf

Chino slim

Leather boots

  • For big guys, rest assured, there is plenty of options for you to choose from!

Keep in mind that you have to elongate your silhouette. But how? By choosing tailored clothing, thick

fabrics like wool. Do not be afraid to wear semi-slim pants (well fitted at the tighs) and avoid at all

costs loose cuts. Bear in mind to always balance your silhouette, to choose V-neck shirts and buttoned


Checked reefer jacket

Jersey France

Vintage tartan shirt

You now have the key components to a look that fits you, it is up to you now to add your personal


Enjoy your shopping spree.

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