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The Polo by Serge Blanco

The polo offers a second wind, his original spirit leaves for sports fashion, it becomes a trendy piece that emphasizes your style.

More than just a top to play rugby or polo precisely, it is a well-tuned piece that could easily replace a shirt for a more casual style chic.

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Serge Blanco shoes to wear this winter.

Sneakers, boots, dress shoes, they are also elegant with style you will wear this winter. I offer a selection of fshoes for this winter.

To fight against the cold, rain, we want shoes nice and warm, but still remain stylish.Powerful, round, smooth leather, there are multiple solutions.

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Shopping Serge Blanco : what should i wear today?

It has happened to everyone. To walk down a street, while window-shopping, to retrace your steps

to take a second look at this shirt which winked at you moments earlier, to end up 2 minutes and 30

seconds later in the fitting room and then, the dream fades, you realize it does not fit you at all!

This is why I have decided to write this article. So that you never will have to go through this frustration

again and in order for you to know at first sight if the fit, the fabric or the color of a piece of clothing is

made for you.

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Jude Law : The fashion icon !

Jude Law

With his role in “Gattaca” by Andrew Nicol, Jude Law is revealed !

With his piercing eyes and his British touch, Jude Law seduces women.

He sails between genres, romantic comedies, historical dramas, thrillers with ease. He plays alongside the best actor, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon….
Actor and fashion icon, Jude Law became a reference.

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Choose the best hat for this winter.

After choosing your coat, all you need is a hat to complete your winter clothing and protect your head from the cold!

Serge Blanco offers a selection of winter looks.

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Choose your coat for this winter !

Down jacket, short parka, long wool coat or trendy duffle coat

This winter, you’re spoiled for choice among the coats Serge Blanco to protect you from the cold.

Which one is for you?

We help you to choose according to your style, your body and your vision of the perfect coat!

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Style Icon : Marlon Brando

marlon brandoWith James Dean, Marlon Brando is one of the Hollywoodian stars who became famous in the fifties and now considered as legends.

Member of the Actor Studio, Marlon Brando has a very long filmography : Mutiny on the Bounty, Julius Caesar, Apocalypse now

But it is with his performances inThe wild one, A streetcar named desire, On the waterfront and The Godfather that his style was the most remarkable.

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Back to work : get the preppy style !

look preppyPreppy look is one of the main trends for fall 2010. Well, good news : the 2010-2011 fall-winter Serge Blanco collection works perfectly with that look !

A good choice if you want to make girls fall in love with your Chuck Bass look (one of the unbearable, rich and idle, but smart, heroes of the TV show Gossip Girl). Do not forget to be a little haughty !

Borrow that college-inspired style, a little conservative yet classy, with a three points plan ! Lire la suite

Serge Blanco now present in 9 corners at Galeries Lafayette stores

After the opening of a Serge Blanco corner in the Galeries Lafayette Hausmann on April, there is now 9 corners matching the colours of La Sélection, Serge Blanco’s concept-store, in the Galeries Lafayette in the French cities of Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes, Dax, Biarritz, Tours, Grenoble and in Belle Epine shopping center (Val de Marne).

You can find the opening times of the Galeries Lafayette in each city on the Galeries Lafayette Website !

Do not forget that you can find the adresses of our Serge Blanco stores and selling points around the world on our website !

corner galeries lafayette serge blanco

The new Fall-Winter collection is there !

collection automne hiver 2011 Serge BlancoThe White-Sand desert in New Mexico is the place we chose to present our new Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection SERGE BLANCO for a catalogue loaded with elegance.

It reveals a new line, the 1958 collection, with its vintage flavour.
Washed and slightly crumpled clan shirts, denims with understated treatments and the short, check felted pea jacket are its main features.

The club collection offers embroidered products inspired by high schools, true to the rugby roots of the brand. Lire la suite